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  • Jan 06 2014

The desire of the municipal authority Laredo, is providing the facilities of the Mexican government to create a commercial air bridge between Laredo and major cities in Mexico

LAREDO, TX - . The local authority was told that the wait staff of the Secretariat of State , inaugurate Mexican Customs at the airport in Laredo , Texas.

José Luis Flores, director of the local air port, said that since the departure of Janet Napolitano as head of the federal agency , the implementation of this model of a Mexican customs authority on American soil stopped.

Flores added that for seven or eight months ago completed construction of the Aztec customs port .
The desire Laredoan municipal authority , is to provide the Mexican government facilities to create a commercial air bridge between Laredo and major cities in Mexico.

The appeal to the Aztec importer , whether industrial or dealer, is that the shipments are dispatched from U.S. territory to Mexico , Monterrey , Guadalajara , Querétaro , Mexico State and any Mexican point , thus saving all the red tape from the country of origin or last shipment (USA) .

The Mexican customs building in Laredo, say flowers cost $ 3.3 million to Laredoan government. The Mexican and U.S. authorities ( Customs personnel of the two countries have ) and have trained people , said the interviewee.

"Napolitano has not been replaced at all, you have a prospect ( Jeh Johnson ), but this has not been approved, all that has stopped," said Flores.

Unique in its kind , this Mexican American customs will have a 24 hours seven days a week. "On behalf of Mexico is not yet known how long his staff will be working every day or few days a week ," said airport director .

On 20 December last year , as a test , the first motion and shipment of goods (auto parts for Chrysler assembly plant ) started from Laredo on the Mexican state of Guanajuato.


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